About Labradoodles

Labradoodles- F1, Multi Gen. F1B!? OH MY!

Labradoodle dogs come in many sizes, colors, price ranges and types! I am always happy to talk Doodles if you have questions! We only breed Multi Generation Labradoodle puppies!

Basic Labradoodle Info

F1 Labradoodles are a Poodle and Labrador Retriever breeding. These dogs are always the least expensive and often shed. WE do not and will not breed this cross. Pricing $800-$1700

F1B Labradoodles are a F1 bred back to a poodle. The back breeding is to cut down shedding pricing is $1000-$2200

Multi Generation Labradoodles are what you will find here! The are a Labradoodle x Labradoodle.  Ours weigh between 50-65 pounds, they can be found in the 30-50 pound range as well. They are also known as the American Labradoodle. They can cost between $1800-$3000. 

Australian Labradoodles are a smaller version of Labradoodles. they were once bred back to cock-a-poos, Cocker Spaniels and other breeds to ensure no shedding, and colors.These dogs tend to be $2500 and up and up to 30 pounds in size.

Doodle Info and Questions

When searching for a Labradoodle or any Doodle ask yourself the following questions.

1. Do I want a Non Shedding Doodle?

2. What Sized Doodle do I want?

3. How long am I willing to wait for a Labradoodle?

4. Is it important to get the color and or Sex I want?