Our Dogs are all Multi Generation



Teddy is a Sable Parti, She is non shedding and will weigh around 60 pounds!



Jo is a Blue and White Parti. She is a non shedding 55 pound Labradoodle! She will be expecting  a letter in 2018. She is non shedding


Labradoodle puppy in California Sable Labradoodle

Georgie is a 52 pound Sable Labradoodle.  She is Non Shedding.



Shawn is  57 pounds. She is non Shedding and a Parti Merle! The #UNICORN


Red Apricot Labradoodle puppies in California

Potter is a non shedding 60 pound  Multi Generation Labradoodle. We do not stud out our males. 


Mose is born and bred here at Life’s a Labradoodle.

Mose is a Brown Merle Multi Gene  Labradoodle. He's 60  pounds. He is non shedding!

We do not offer stud services. 

About Us

About the Dogs

Our girls all live in our home! Our Boys live in Guardian homes!

The dogs are all family pets first. We have 2 retired here in our home. 

The boys live in guardian homes and we don not outside stud.