Our Dogs


Teddy is a Sable Parti, She is non shedding and will weigh around 60 pounds!


Jo is a Blue and White Parti. She is a non shedding 55 pound Labradoodle! She will be expecting  a letter in 2018. She is non shedding


Labradoodle puppy in California Sable Labradoodle

Georgie is a 52 pound Sable Labradoodle.  She is Non Shedding.


Shawn is going to be 50 pounds. She is non Shedding and a Parti Merle! The #UNICORN


Red Apricot Labradoodle puppies in California

Potter is a non shedding 60 pound Labradoodle. He will be our main man in the coming years!


Brown Merle Labradoodle Puppies in California

Mose is a Brown Merle Labradoodle. Hes 57 pounds. He is non shedding!