Babies and Pending Litters


Labradoodle puppies fro Sale in California

We should have two 2019 litters.

Please NOTE new pricing and Policies.

Contact Lists


We have started contact lists for the next two litters. Please call for info. Most Litters are adopted within 1-3 weeks of age.

No deposits required for Contact Lists.

What Our Babies Come With


Our babies come home with a bag of dog food, litter scented blanket, toys, two types of treats, vet checked, vet vaccinated, pre loved, well socialized and crate training started.

What To Expect

California Labradoodles

Once babies are born you will be notified via text and our FB page. At that point if you see someone you love let me know. Once you pick your baby a $500 deposit is required, immediately. Failure to pay deposit might result in your baby being adopted by someone else. Our last litter experienced this 3 times. 


Most of our litters are adopted at birth or within a few days of birth. Remaining  babies at 8 weeks of age will be made available to pick in person. On a first come first adopted basis. Appointments can be cancelled at any time

Price List 2019

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